Android Delivery Invoicing

This Android POS system is designed for businesses delivering products directly to their customers. It was established that invoicing clients prior to deliveries do not only create unnecessary admin work but also limits the delivery personnel on how much product can be moved.

The immediate solution has always been to supply the driver/rep with manual invoicing enabling the client to change quantities as needed and providing the driver/rep with the opportunity to supply new clients on route. Unfortunately this method also leaves a labor intensive paper trail.

With this in mind the Delivery System was created minimizing user input but still ensuring stock control and proper record keeping. The following functions was incorporated providing a proper easy to use solution:

  • Login Codes separates functions like invoicing, open stocks, cash ups and uploads
  • Opening Stock can be loaded allowing the system to know what has been loaded into the delivery vehicle
  • Debtor Promotions allows the administration to determine selling prices per client or debtor group. It ensures price flexibility without compromising security
  • If needed, product lists can be limited to each client. This ensures that the client is invoiced correct items
  • The Android device’s camera can be used to scan barcodes
  • The system records cash transactions and on account sales
  • The drivers can receive payments from debtors, adding the cash to their cash ups
  • Using Samsung’s S Pen, signatures are kept for all Open Stock, On Account Sales and Receive on Account transactions
  • On the vehicle’s return, the cash up will produce a cash up report including the Sales, Cash, Received on Account and Debtor Sales
  • The cash up also generates a Closing Stock Report to balance the returning stock
  • Part of the Cash up procedure synchronizes all transactions, invoices, totals to the Back Office software

Screen Shots: