Fastpoint was first released in 1989 as a potential computerised replacement for conventional Cash Registers. 

Obvious benefits such as electronic records and automated reporting in a time when computers just arrived in South Africa quickly grabbed the attention of clients.  The POS market grew relatively fast as it offered many benefits normal Electronic Cash Registers could not, such as debtors, proper stock control and performance reporting at the click of a button.

It is the nature of Point of Sale systems to change constantly.  As the clients’ market and need changes, the software evolves with it.  For this reason software packages, built for these ever evolving industries, changes on a very regular basis and evolves as well.

Fastpoint has been around for many years.  It has always been our mission to design and develop the system based on the needs and requests of the client.  A vast amount of time and effort has always been dedicated on keeping the system simple yet complete.  Many tools and features ensure that the users have effortless control of their system.

Applicable Markets:
There are two types of systems out there; Integrated Accounting systems and Point of Sale systems. It is vital for the provider and user to understand the differences between these systems before deciding what software to implement.

Point of Sale systems are typically used by the following types of businesses:

I a nut shell, if your company buys products with the purpose of reselling it, you could benefit from a POS system. Your company offers services instead of supplying products, a POS system does not always provide the best solution.

This section, due to its complexity, is discussed in more detail in the “Why POS?” section on this site.

POS systems are designed as a very complex tool to run your business, control the stock and keep track of sales. The main benefit of having such a system is to minimize the time spend behind the computer or paperwork and dedicate more time with your customer, staff and business health.